Camping Borowo - The ideal holiday location!
Our campsite, beautifully located on the shores of Lake Niegocin, just 1 km from Giżycko, is in fact a sandy beach. However, it is large enough for you not to need to book in advance; you are always welcome. There is also a small restaurant serving freshly caught fish from the neighbouring lakes and other delightful dishes.


      Picture gallery of Summer 2004

Hotel Borowo
Camping - Hygiene facilities

Campsite                                               Summer 2010
evening                     silence before storm  
  silence before storm  
panorama of one of ports in Gizycko                             Niegocin lake          
  Restaurant                                                         Summer 2004
Chief  (Czesław Szafran) water skiing
    That size pike You can catch in lake Niegocin
  Hotel Borowo                                                              
  Tak wygląda pokój w Hotelu Borowo.   double room      
  Mazury                                                         Summer 2004  
                                      port in Giżycko                                            Wilkaski channel  
  village Bystry   village Bystry    chappel in Doba village  
      Doba   Doba  
  Reserve in Pieczonki, 5km away  
"Quazi Galeria" in Giżycko
  Camping Borowo - Hygiene facilities                       2004  
      Wash-room building, open in high season,  
      washbasins, sinks, showers and toilets  
      all year facilities, located in Reception building  
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